Maiden Voyage of the SEI Eden Gereza Faengsel

The world through the eyes of Kame


Day One: Panty Log

Rich girl: Lacy, white panties.
Cpt. Lotte: White, front side marked with a “X”, backside says, “This be my Booty!”

Good day.

Party Time on the High Seas

Bluvol here!

Day one of the voyage has been a rousing success! My fear of the ocean has been cured thanks to a bit of extraplanar psychic surgery engineered by none other than yours truly (though, I supposed, facilitated in some small way by my ragtag peasant entourage, ha ha ha!). An incompetant half ogre lost his job as a result of our too-hot-to-handle shenanigans (what fun!), and several more had to plumb the depths of their subhuman kindness to prevent the wise and litigious Fredor Bluvol from suing their employer straight into bankruptcy! What intoxicating brews fame and fortune are!

Also, apparently a deer exploded and some gadabout jackaninny named Hank has joined the fun. The more the merrier, as long as I don’t have to pay them! Ho ho ho!

In other news, swindling crook and contemptible rapscallion Ziggy the Clown has been brought to justice after having stolen nearly 300k in gold from me. The poor fool blew himself up, and the ever delightful Mr. Turtle at some of his teeth. This is going to be a voyage to remember!

Day One
Wherein everyone meets and makes a fool of themselves

Today the group was finally brought together as a whole and started their adventure on the H.M.S. Beagle, I mean the maiden voyage of the SEI Eden Gereza Faengsel. Leaving from the port of Sallad, where the group of practical strangers cause a poor Half-orc/ogre to quit his job out of frustration, they set out on their mission of protecting rich guy Blueballs.

Once on the ship all was not well as two of the team members were forced into a duel! Captain Lottie and Mr. Turtle (as he is affectionately called) fought for three rounds, because to our Cleric, Gob/Bob, “Magic is Might” and then they should fight but for only 3 rounds. Turtle guy was ruled the victor and the group moved forwards to discover their chambers!

As everyone went to their individual chambers, and Gob went around introducing himself to all the doors, a deer was encountered by Tauri and Gob. Long story short: the deer exploded and thanks to a great bluff by Servalus, the group gained a fae (fey?) named Hank. Turns out Hank is quite the drinker. As the team moved to the bar and got intoxicated (There were drinking contests and people passing out, it was a confusing time for all), others were drawn away by a pick pocketing clown named Ziggy the Swindler. After a confrontation Ziggy was dispatched via explosion, and a threat of a lawsuit caused everyone to be gifted wondrous items! After a quick regroup the night was ended with everyone heading to their own rooms, even Gob who broke his knuckles knocking on his own door, as they rested for the days ahead.

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